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EJM Costing & Accounting has all the features of a comprehensive costing and accounting system.
It caters for the unique requirements of the construction industry such as subcontractors, orders, certificates and retention.

It is IAS and IFRS compliant and can form the administrative bedrock if you want to obtain ISO and/ or SANS certification.

The system comes in two versions:

You can migrate from EJMCount (Access version) to the SQL version as your business grows and/ or you need the web-based and other features. There is no limit to the number of users in the SQL environment.

Debtors (Clients)

Debtor management is a fundamental part of an accounting system, more so with the special requirements of contract accounting.

Creditors (suppliers)

The system handle all the administrative and control functions associated with creditors (suppliers) such as age analysis, selective paying (e.g. pay those with trade discounts first), cash requirements, bank and EFT transfers.


Accounting reports

Cost reports

Costing & Accounting OverviewCosting & Accounting Ejm

EJM Costing and Accounting

Costing & Accounting

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